Flixsterz Review

Flixsterz Review – A Platform Inspired By The bump of Streaming facilities in the same way as NETFLIX, Disney+, Apple TV, Discovery and Many More That Will point Likes upon Your Videos Into Email Lists & Cash as soon as Your Own Video Streaming Service.

With Flixsterz you can import videos in bulk from YouTube, using unaccompanied a keyword or channel ID in less than 60 seconds! This pretension you can put in the best you have to come up with the money for subsequently further well-liked videos you locate on YouTube. You can even use your own TITLES and DESCRIPTIONS, leading your spectators DIRECTLY to your keep sites. Then easily allowance your videos upon Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn or Interest and your spectators arrive flooding in.

But that not all. Taking into account Netflix, you want to gain subscribers signing going on as soon as their email addresses, therefore you can follow going on taking into consideration them to let them your latest video or offer. Later than Flixsterz, your subscribers can easily sign taking place to your Netflix in imitation of Streaming Platform, anytime they want to LIKE, part or COMMENT upon your videos.

Flixsterz Review

With Flixsterz Video Streaming you can import (your own and new peoples) videos in bulk, using abandoned a keyword or channel ID, and it and no-one else takes 60 seconds to setup! And you are in FULL CONTROL.

No Censorship

No Bans

Without annoying Ads

No Import Limits

Features of Flixsterz PRO:

Grow your in imitation of as soon as each Like, Share, or Comment!

Your OWN Platform as soon as Addictive Video Series

A NETFLIX past Viewing Experience subsequent to total Control

Navigates taking into account YouTube!

Social Sharing Made simple taking into consideration ONE CLICK upon Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn and Interest.

BULK IMPORT from YouTube! Import bearing in mind Keyword or Channel ID

Now Flixsterz is upon blaze and Id in imitation of to receive away any ask you may have!

Q. Can I buy FLIXSTERZ for a one mature Fee?

      A. Yes, but the take forward is increasing every morning during this launch

Q. How can FLIXSTERZ import YouTube Videos?

      A. Flixsterz searches YouTube videos based upon your keywords or a channel id you’ve selected. This can be your own channel ID or any other channel. You can after that prefers the videos you want to import and in seconds your videos are imported.

Q. How can I be credited with my leads, subscribers and sales with Flixsterz?

      A. Easy, you just follow these steps:

Import trending videos in your niche.

Add your associates to the videos titles and descriptions.

Share the video upon social media.

Q. Can FLIXSTERZ make known directly on Social Media Platforms?

     A. Yes you can directly pronounce on:

Face book




Q. Are there any up sells bearing in mind FLIXSTERZ?

A. Yes, you can check them out here:

Flixsterz evaluation Features & Benefits

In this Flixsterz Review, I am going to piece of legislation you the feature list of the platform. Let’s check out!

 Tilt Likes into Cash past Your Own Video Streaming (Netflix) Service

 A Platform Inspired By The Streaming foster addition of NETFLIX, Disney+, Apple TV, Discovery and Many More..

 Enter into the Streaming Wars taking into account Your Own NETFLIX Platform, as soon as Russell Brunson

 The excuse Why Click Funnel Entered into the Streaming Wars!

 Mount up Your partners Solely by Letting Them In upon Your Streaming Platform

 Use Your Affiliate associate on new Peoples Videos?

 A Platform That Navigates when YouTube and taking into consideration A Viewing Experience as soon as Netflix

 You’re Own Video Distribution Platform for Your associates Entertainment

 Your Own Binge Watching Series on Your Own Netflix Platform

 Built-In relationships behind comments, like, dislikes

 Build Your List subsequent to Each Comment on Your Video

 Import selected Videos from YouTube from Your Own Or supplementary Channels

 Increase Subscribers similar to new Video Hacking Strategy:

  1. + Import the Most popular Videos to Flixsterz later Your Own tab and (Affiliate) friends Example Russell Brunson
  2. + go to Your List in imitation of Each Like
  3. Your Own Video Streaming Community Guidelines
  4. Get notified later than Each Like, Comment and/or Share
  5. Supported in 8 Languages, English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.
  6. A Video Streaming helps for Any Niche
  7. Import perfect # of Videos for Streaming
  8. Simple Social Sharing to face book, Twitter, LinkedIn & Interest
  9. No More irritating Advertisements back The Video Starts
  10. Rule every Your Videos from A Single Screen
  11. Control all observations on Any Video from a Single Screen
  12. Certain Dashboard to see all Platform ruckuses at a Glance
  13. Your own dispensation Panel For easy Import & System Settings
  14. View your buddies Emails and manage Each Platform aficionado through the user dealing out Module
  15. Access to the Exclusive Flixsterz Face book Group
  16. One supplementary account in your state for personal use or for substitute issue you run.
  17. 90 Minutes of professional training on Flixsterz Video Streaming


  • Navigation and Buffering past YouTube
  • No More Community Guidelines Violations
  • Import in Bulk from YouTube
  • Copy and glue any Video from YouTube
  • Manage Your Video Distribution
  • Easy Social Media Share
  • Multi-Language Platform


  • Data May endure little get older to Update
  • Can’t Schedule part