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Download Moj APK Latest bank account clears for Android. The Indian sudden video application and social community open to be in off your own talents and content.

Description Moj

Users from all on top of the globe now have an express to build up and share their curt videos taking into consideration one another. Furthermore, every of these users will have a good social express to song themselves and have a great time. Download Moj for Android now to begin making the most creative and interesting videos, while meeting many other people.

Moj Features

There are many oscillate feature in this terse video app. You can reach many alternative things, and enjoy various aspects even if using Moj. Continue to read, you may locate a couple of highlights that create the app much more amusing than you expect.

Here are the main Moj features:

Watch more than one million oscillate types of videos that have been made specifically for your own engagement and preferences.

Not solitary this, you can as well as acquire inspired by watching all of these videos. Who knows, you may with make your own content worth watching.

Discover many every second categories of videos, such as Dance, Logs, Food, Sports, DIY, Comedy, and many more.

Create your own profile to upload videos and follow further content creators. You can in the same way as and ration videos once users from all in the region of the world.

More good Features:

Use tons of interchange special effects and thousands of substitute stickers and emoticons for your own videos and selfish.

Also, use many stand-in filters and music for your videos to spruce them occurring and create them shine.

Everyone roughly the world has an unplanned to become popularity and a video social media icon! The application is affable for most regions, appropriately everyone has a fair inadvertent to become famous.

Moj APK release Download

After everything, if you think this is the right application for you, subsequently go ahead and download Moj APK for Android. There could be various reasons why you would find to pick this APK file higher than the Google affect collection variant.

First, you may not be nimble to use the Google feat stock at the time. Likewise, the application may not be within reach in your own location. To that extent, the Moj APK for Android allows you to use the video social make public from any region. Next, you could save mobile data and storage through the APK checking account of the application.

In the end, it’s your ultimate decision to download and use the Moj APK Android app. And don’t just stop from this point, you can with download further social applications from our website. There are many more apps just waiting to be experienced.

How to use the Moj app

After you install the app on your Smartphone, it will question you for your language preferences. considering selected, it will after that undertake you to the homepage. upon the homepage, you will get to see a lot of brusque videos, which you can watch by swiping upwards.

Moj videos are capped at an epoch limit of 15 seconds. (Screenshot)

Just in contradiction of the video, you will locate combination options to follow the creator, later the video, comment on the video, a substitute to allowance the video and an out of the ordinary to view supplementary videos later the similar track. under the video, you will find your control options, which will acknowledge you to the homepage, search for creators or videos, upload your own video, notifications, and a complementary to customize your profile.

Moj videos are capped at a period limit of 15 seconds and have the funds for the user’s options to build up stickers, emoticons, filters and more.


The Moj app is currently to hand in 15 languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odin, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthan, Haryanvi and Urdu.

The app allows creators to make terse videos of stirring to 15 seconds, including normal videos, lip sync videos, special effect videos and more. The company has acknowledged that the most performing genres upon the platform affix Beauty, Dance, lip-sync, singing, tech, jokes, trick, challenge, cooking, comedy, Hollywood and fashion-style.

It has a number of special effects, stickers and emoticons for creators to use. It as a consequence allows them to shorten videos on the go using the in-app basic editor.

Moj is a video platform where you can locate a bunch of quick audiovisual content. as soon as a really easy interface, it’s easy to locate files that are organized by language.

As soon as you enter the main menu, you’re shown a list of genial languages. After clicking on one of them you’ll entry every the videos available. By swiping on the screen, you’ll find additional content to watch at any era and place using your Android.

It should be noted that Moj lets you categorize the videos based upon their popularity. Upon the extra hand, the tool with offers the possibility of downloading files directly into your Smartphone’s memory without having to resort to external tools.

Moj has a bunch of videos that you can discover through this simple and open platform. Suitably choose one of the languages nearby and after a few seconds, you can entrance well-organized content based on its popularity.

Moj on Friday announced that it has surpassed the 100 million download landmark upon Google measure Store. The platform took just about six months to achieve this feat, becoming the fastest sudden video platform to reach this milestone.

“Besides a slew of open-minded features, the Moj app empowers its community of users in the same way as powerful introduction tools, backed by robust editing capabilities, an enormous music library, camera filters, and special effects for users to create highly engaging and fun native content,” the company said in a statement.

Moj was launched upon Google perform heap upon July 1, 2020, and has consistently ranked amongst the summit apps. Living thing immensely popular upon ions, Moj is ranked accompanied by the summit 10 social networking apps upon App Store. Recently, it was recognized as the ‘Best App for Fun’ in 2020 by Google hams it up Store.

The app is to hand in English and many Indian languages, making it accessible for all entertainment enthusiast and creative capability of the country.