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Share Chat is an app upon which you can meet extra people and talk bearing in mind them whilst you discover and share memes, videos, jokes, and all sorts of viral contents

Jokes, memes, hilarious sayings, GIFs, terse videos, WhatsApp statuses… viral contents on the Internet can focus on many forms and be found in this area anywhere, although mainly upon social networks and instant messaging apps. ShareChat is an app that brings these contents altogether, allowing us to ration them whilst we chat as soon as people from every exceeding the world and create further friends.

With contents and formats that are unmistakably aimed at the Indian market, this application allows us to find anything is accepted and well-liked upon the Internet. We and no-one else have to question the contents from the general timeline or pull off appropriately by categories to find the most striking or funniest contents on the web.

But the most fascinating perform of this app is its method to meet people. We lonesome have to shake our Smartphone to randomly affix gone people from all higher than the country to start chatting similar to them and create new friends.

Main features

  • This is what you’ll locate in ShareChat:
  • Find contacts or shake your phone to meet additional people.
  • Explore a broad range of jokes, WhatsApp statuses, memes, hilarious videos, viral news…
  • Explore the section of immediate Tamil movies, Hollywood films, Bengali videos…
  • Latest news more or less the Indian movie industry.
  • Download high-quality images and wallpapers.
  • Receive your daily horoscope.
  • As many viral contents as you can imagine…

Share Chat – make contacts & have fun is a convenient mannerism to communicate with your links and family. Whether you’re looking for an entertaining farce or a funny declaration to send your friends, you’ll find something that fits your needs. The Share Chat asks has loads of choices. You can even create additional friends, find motivational quotes, browse through lists of insane GIFs and listen to fine songs. Its stock is loud which means you’ll not acquire bored or control out of things to watch or listen to. Its plus reachable to save track of news stories and get right of entry to a huge database of high-quality photos and videos. There are many more options within reach such as regular fitness tips, horoscopes, videos from well-liked Hollywood films and more. The Share Chat asks as a consequence has scores of ideas for wishing your family on special occasions and important days such as festivals coupled subsequently beauty and make-up advice.

Important features increase –

  • Meet supplementary people and make friends
  • Support offered for several languages including English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Assamese and more
  • Massive heap of jokes, motivational quotes, memes, GIFs and wishes for special occasions
  • Keep track of whets taking place and stay updated behind current affairs
  • Track your horoscope
  • Download beautiful photos and watch videos from popular movies
  • Regular entry to beauty and fitness ideas

Share videos, GIFs, pictures and songs from India in Indian languages with Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, and Odin, easier than ever as soon as Share Chat.

Using Share Chat is same to using supplementary popular social networks such as Integra or Snap chat. You can follow supplementary users and they can follow you, of course. That way, you can view what other users declare and they can moreover view your best posts.

Enjoy the best multimedia content such as animal videos, hilarious gifs, pictures and movies, music videos, terse films and much more.

Share Chat is a powerful, fun and popular social network, especially in India. Consequently much so, that you can use the app in a ton of every second languages spoken in India.

Chat App allocation Content and make new Friends

If you are looking for fun videos and GIFs to share as soon as your friends in Hindi or unorthodox local Indian language later you should have the funds for this chat app a go. Share Chat makes friends, have fun & become renowned is a kind app which lets you part funny Indian media content in various local Indian languages. It offers lots of funny and viral videos and GIFs to you which can be easily shared upon WhatsApp. You can use this app for sharing your pictures and videos like others as with ease and create further links too. Although it offers a lot of fun content for you to share, it is a little intrusive and has the potential to compromise your privacy.

ShareChat requires you to make an account upon the app previously getting the fortuitous to use it. In order to create an account on this chat app, you infatuation to register your phone number. You will be sent an OTP behind which you can register your phone number and set stirring your account. The app will later ask for the language that you speak. You have the unusual of picking the language from 10 stand-in local Indian languages. These languages attach Odin, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu and Hindi. You can switch to a substitute language at any time and look the content in that language. If you aren’t up to date following any of these languages next you can switch the account into English too.

You acquire the unintended to see both lively and viral content of various types on Share Chat. From quotes to jokes and videos, there is everything within reach which can bring a grin to your face. There is a built-in media player friendly to you as with ease which lets you operate the videos. You can share the content that you gone helpfully by clicking the WhatsApp icon. There are with options easy to use for liking the posts you similar to and commenting on them. However, pull off save in mind that you can’t comment in English and would have to comment in one of the 10 languages that this talk app supports. You will need to switch your keyboard to one of these languages as with ease in order to type your comment.

ShareChat isn’t more or less sharing content only. It in addition to helps you meet supplementary people as well. You either can search for them using their names or nicknames or look if any of your links are using the app. To accumulate a friend, you clearly have to click upon their profile and after that click the follow button. The app is going to organize your feed in such a tone that the posts of your connections will arrive in the works on top. There is intervention chat another simple as skillfully in which you get the fortuitous to talk with a number of people. Just like commenting, the chat another then requires you to type in one of the 10 supported languages.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Simple design and layout
  • Content manageable in various local Indian languages
  • See viral videos, photos and GIFs from all beyond India
  • Easily allocation videos and additional media content
  • Lots of swap topics to choose from
  • Meet additional people and create friends
  • Group chat in the same way as people from all beyond India in stimulate chartrooms
  • Built-in media player for playing videos


Share Chat creates friends, have fun & become famous is an app designed for Indian audiences, which offers them viral and fun content in their local Indian language. It enables them to create supplementary friends and have fun chatting following supplementary people in activity chat. It is a kind talk app to have upon your phone especially if you are an Indian and don’t find privacy assault to be an issue.